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Binance Loses 10 Key Execs Over Past 2 Months Amid Regulatory Pressure

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Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, is facing a wave of executive departures. This exodus follows multiple ... Read more

Bitcoin Whale Alert: Grayscale Is #2

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Bitcoin Whale Alert: Grayscale Is #2. Grayscale emerges as the second-largest Bitcoin whale with its GBTC holding ... Read more

Tether Holds More US Treasury Bonds Than Australia

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Key Takeaways Nearly 87% of Tether's market cap is backed by its US T-bill holdings. Tether's CTO ... Read more

China’s Court Says Crypto, Digital Assets are Legally Protected

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Amid China’s stringent stance on cryptocurrency operations, the People’s Court of China has issued a comprehensive report ... Read more

Ethereum (ETH) is a Commodity Says Judge in Uniswap Lawsuit

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New York Judge classifies ETH as a commodity, adding a new dimension to the ongoing SEC debate ... Read more

Unusual SEC Move In Case Against Binance

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The SEC files a rarely-seen sealed motion against Binance, keeping pivotal case details from the public eye. ... Read more

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