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EOS is the native cryptocurrency for EOSIO, an open-source blockchain technology that allows developers to build decentralized applications or ‘dapps.’ It is a powerful player in the crypto world. Ethereum is considered the main competitor to EOS. While Ethereum is far more popular, experts know better than to equate popularity with quality. EOS focuses on speed, scalability, and flexibility – all important things that give it an edge in the eyes of experts.

What’s more, EOS tries to solve the problems of limited availability of resources on the network, false transactions, similar requests, spamming apps, and some more. What does the future hold for those who are full of hope that EOS will increase? Let’s find out about EOS and crypto trading.

The article covers the following subjects:

This article will answer the most frequently asked questions about EOS, cover its history, and show you EOS price predictions from the crypto industry experts, as well as long-term forecasts of the coin. We’ll even perform some technical analysis of the coin and its price fluctuations.

Once you've read about the past, present, and future outlook of EOS, hopefully, our article on EOS price prediction will help you make an informed decision on whether it’s worth investing in the coin. Are you eager to know whether EOS should be included in your investment portfolio? Read on to learn about all the important aspects.

What is EOS Crypto?

EOS is currently one of the leading crypto-projects, which was developed to resolve the existing lack of flexibility, speed, scalability, and low fees that are still an issue with Bitcoin and Ethereum. EOS operates on its own smart contract platform for decentralized applications (dApps): the EOS.IO blockchain protocol, designed especially as a solution to outperform regular processing and hardware storage, and much more interesting stuff.

Back in 2017, EOS developers Brendan Blumer and Dan Larimer publicly released their whitepaper, and the first EOS initial coin offering (ICO) launched in June of the same year. It lasted an entire year and raised a whopping $4.1 billion – breaking all ICO records at the time.

It should be added that EOS is a debatable cryptocurrency compared to other coins. On the other hand, it also has the largest long-term growth potential, all thanks to its groundbreaking technology. The EOS blockchain protocol can potentially transform the future of all dApps and computer resources drastically, in case it does refine the internal processes in various industries, as promised by EOS’ developers. If so, the coin’s long-term price will rise rapidly.

EOS Price Predictions for 2023 by Crypto Experts

Cryptocurrencies are rife with volatility, and EOS is no different. The constant fluctuations make it difficult to predict prices with a high level of accuracy, but these experts have compiled their results based on exhaustive analysis and research. Let’s take a look at their opinions.

Trading Beasts

Overall, experts from Trading Beasts forecast that EOS will be on the decline for most of the year. The coin’s value in 2022 is predicted to hit the lowest point in October – more than 9% lower compared to the current level. EOS might see a sharp surge in November-December, going as high as $2.53-$2.61.

Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor, EOS will move in a wide range, with its average price first going up to $6+ and then dropping to below $1. In May, the coin might be trading at an average of $6.07, with the minimum price being $3.17 and the maximum being $8.91 during the same period. Interestingly, this source still believes that EOS will finish 2022 at a higher price point compared to its value at the beginning of the year – at $2.36.

Long Forecast

The Economy Forecast Agency shows a rather pessimistic picture. It expects a steady decline to bring the price to $1.05 by the end of the year, which is about twice as low as the EOS price in March 2022.

Month Open Low-High Close
Mar 2.29 1.59-2.29 1.81
Apr 1.81 1.45-1.95 1.56
May 1.56 1.42-1.64 1.53
Jun 1.53 1.20-1.53 1.29
Jul 1.29 1.00-1.29 1.08
Aug 1.08 0.87-1.08 0.94
Sep 0.94 0.94-1.17 1.09
Oct 1.09 0.86-1.09 0.92
Nov 0.92 0.92-1.14 1.07
Dec 1.07 0.98-1.12 1.05

Coin Price Forecast

According to Coin Price Forecast, the price of EOS will hit $3.43 by the end of the year, which is about twice as much as its price in early 2022.

EOSUSD Technical Analysis

We'll do an EOSUSD technical analysis on the monthly chart to examine market trends and identify key levels that may prevent the price from moving further.

As the above EOSUSD chart suggests, there was a dramatic struggle between buyers and sellers in May, resulting in the long-legged Doji formation.

The price then attempted to touch the lowest support level at 1.5 USD but failed to do so in the presence of huge buying volumes. I marked that development in blue on the volume indicator.

Thus, the price may potentially move to the upside from 1.5 USD to at least 8.65 USD.

EOSUSD price prediction for next three months

A local support level at 3 USD can be seen in the EOSUSD weekly price chart. That level may be retested soon as EOS can't pull away from its current levels despite huge trading volumes. If the EOS price chart breaks successfully through the level of 3 USD, the next price target will be the low of December 2018 at around 1.5 USD.

The MACD and the Stochastic RSI can be used to prioritize this or that eventual scenario.

The EOS weekly time frame shows that both bulls and bears have been active, which usually leads to less intense price movements.

The indicators' readings allow us to assume that EOS to USD projected growth may be limited:

  • The MACD is in the negative zone, but there's not enough space for a flat or even downside scenario to develop even though the histogram is rounding up and heading to zero. There's no evident signal of bullish growth.
  • The Stochastic RSI is in the oversold area, which puts pressure on sellers.

Thus, the signals of these two indicators contradict one another and indicate the market's equilibrium disposition. We won't most likely see any drastic price moves in the EOSUSD, and the pair will continue consolidating in a narrow price range.

Long-Term EOS Analysis for 2021/2022

Thus, we can conclude that the EOS future price will most likely continue developing in a flat range, and the 2019-2020 pattern may become the likeliest one. I can single out three stages here:

  • Drastic growth and fall, marked with a red circle in the chart below. This stage can be called “bulls' failed attempt,” and the market appears to be completing this stage at the moment.
  • “Attempt of revenge,” marked with a purple circle — a pullback of “hope” that is successfully neutralized by bears.
  • Consolidation (green oval) – an equilibrium stage that can be called “the calm before the storm.” That stage may result in powerful momentum in any direction.

Based on that wave structure, the most realistic forecast, and the latest signals, we will have short consolidation in the near time. A short-term breakout at around 8 USD may occur at the end of the year.

Given the strong support levels, the pattern will most likely be inclined upwards, allowing another powerful impulse to form in 2022-2023.

As our scenario is based on the EOSUSD price history in 2019-2020, the forecast for 2021-2022 will reproduce the past wave structure. However, that doesn't guarantee that the price moves will be 100% identical.

We will outline EOS expected trading range using Bollinger bands.

Orange squares mark expected price projections for each month. Sellers' main task in 2021 will be breaking through support at 3 USD. The EOS projected trading range will be 3-5 USD, but short-term breakouts can happen too.

The price is supposed to have reached its lowest by the beginning of 2022, and bulls are then expected to revenge and consolidate on updated support levels.

The table below presents projected minimums and maximums of the EOS trading range for each month.

Month EOSUSD price
Minimum Maximum


3.55 6.50


4.40 7.35


4.80 8.10


4.75 7.75

Long-term trading plan for EOS

Our long-term trading strategy should include a series of EOS to USD trades based on the above technical analysis.

The EOS price chart is currently attempting to break through support at 3 USD. The first buy order should be placed close to that level, at around 3.15-3.30 USD (blue dots in the chart above). Stop Loss should be placed at a safe level of 2.25 – 2.33 USD (red dots). As we aim to trade in the range of 3-4.50 USD, Take Profit should be placed before the upper limit of the range at around 4.30 – 4.40 USD (green dots).

Another trade aims to profit from a breakout of resistance at 4.50 USD. If that level is retested from above, open a long position with a target at 7.50 USD. If the price movement is less strong than expected, average into the position buying at 3.75 USD and fix profits at around 6.40 USD. Stop Loss: below 3 USD. Remember to observe risk management rules and avoid losses exceeding 1% of your deposit per trade.

Weekly Elliott wave EOS analysis as of 17.07.2023

As the EOSUSD's daily chart shows, a big bearish linking wave (X) has been forming for more than 2 years. It will probably become a double zigzag W-X-Y. The first two sub-waves W and X are formed. The final actionary wave Y is unfolding as a triple zigzag [W]-[X]-[Y]-[X]-[Z]. The sub-waves [W]-[X]-[Y]-[X] are formed, and the final actionary wave [Z] is unfolding. Let’s have a detailed look at the last segment on the H4 time frame chart.

The actionary wave [Z] is likely developing as a simple zigzag (A)-(B)-(C). The impulse (A) is formed, and the correction (B) looks like a complete zigzag A-B-C, where sub-wave B is a triangle. The price is currently falling in the bearish impulse (C), where presumably sub-waves 1-2-3 are fully formed. The price is currently growing in correction 4, which looks like a triple zigzag [W]-[X]-[Y]-[X]-[Z], and is expected to rise to 0.84, where the size of wave 4 will be 38.2% of impulse 3.

Weekly EOSUSD trading plan:

Buy 0.77, TP 0.84

EOS Price Prediction Chart 2023

The EOS trend of going up and down in cycles will remain in 2023. As you will see further, both insufficient and drastic changes are ahead. The biggest growth by the end of the year is expected by Wallet Investor. Its experts are sure that EOS will end 2023 with a rate that comes very close to $3. Experts from other resources don’t share this excitement. Most analysts predict a downtrend by the end of 2023.

Trading Beasts

From January to April, EOS is expected to grow to an average of $2.60. But the next two months, May and June, might bring the price down to $2.07. Starting from July, the price is likely to enter another uptrend and hit $2.72 by the end of the year. The highest closing price in 2023 is $3.40, and the lowest closing price is $1.64.

Wallet Investor

EOS might enter the year with an average trading price of $2.28. From that point on, the coin might enter a sharp upward trend, bringing it to over $6.80 by May. Similar to Wallet Investor’s prediction for 2023, May will also be the start of a downtrend that might last until the end of the year. The lowest average price for the second half of the year is $1.69, and the average closing price at the end of the year is set at $2.95.

Long Forecast

Month Open Low-High Close
Jan 1.05 0.82-1.05 0.88
Feb 0.88 0.85-0.97 0.91
Mar 0.91 0.91-1.13 1.06
Apr 1.06 1.06-1.32 1.23
May 1.23 1.23-1.53 1.43
Jun 1.43 1.43-1.78 1.66
Jul 1.66 1.66-2.07 1.93
Aug 1.93 1.93-2.40 2.24
Sep 2.24 1.93-2.24 2.07
Oct 2.07 1.98-2.28 2.13
Nov 2.13 2.13-2.64 2.47
Dec 2.47 2.22-2.56 2.39

As you can see, the Economy Forecast Agency shows an optimistic angle of the EOS price in 2023. The year will start with $0.82-1.05; in June, the price range will be $1.43-$1.78. EOS will cost $2.22-$2.56 at the end of 2023. It’s one of the most optimistic projections for 2023.

Coin Price Forecast

EOS will be worth $3.53 in mid-2023. As for the latter half of the year, there might be a slight drop to $3.42.

EOS Price Prediction for 2024 by Crypto Experts

Opinions about 2024 vary greatly – some sources predict stable growth, some predict a slow decline, and others see wild fluctuations throughout the year. Yet, the experts think it is not the reason to lose faith in EOS.

Trading Beasts

According to the Trading Beast EOS forecast, the average price in January 2024 will be $2.81. The source predicts a bullish trend that will last all the way to December — the price will reach $3.64 (average closing price). To put it into perspective, this is a 40% growth in one year.

Wallet Investor

January 2024, according to Wallet Investor, will start with $3.06. Following the same dynamic as the years prior, EOS might reach the year’s highest price point in May – an average value of $7.55 and a maximum closing price of $10.72. Unfortunately, these prices won’t last long, and EOS will enter a bearish trend for the rest of 2024. The average closing price in December is $3.76.

Long Forecast

Here is a table based on which you may make up your mind about the EOS performance in 2024.

Month Open Low-High Close
Jan 2.39 2.39-2.80 2.62
Feb 2.62 2.62-3.25 3.04
Mar 3.04 2.37-3.04 2.55
Apr 2.55 2.17-2.55 2.33
May 2.33 2.33-2.89 2.70
Jun 2.70 2.38-2.74 2.56
Jul 2.56 2.00-2.56 2.15
Aug 2.15 2.15-2.54 2.37
Sep 2.37 1.91-2.37 2.05
Oct 2.05 1.82-2.10 1.96
Nov 1.96 1.71-1.97 1.84
Dec 1.84 1.84-2.28 2.13

2024 is likely to bring high volatility to EOS. January will open with $2.39, and there might be a short-lived uptrend until the end of February (closing price – $3.04). EOS might be trading over $2.00 in the following months and could eventually drop to $1.71-1.97 in November.

Coin Price Forecast

EOS will soar to $3.55 within the first half of the year and finish 2024 at $4.08. Coin Price Forecast predicts that the coin’s value might double compared to its trading price in 2022.

Long-Term EOS Price Prediction 2025-2030

As it’s challenging to make such long-term predictions, analysts’ forecasts differ a lot. Only time will tell who was more accurate.

Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts did not want to look so far into the future. The forecast is limited to 2025. At the beginning of 2025, the value of EOS will be $3.70 on average. In the middle of the year, in June, the price will rise to $3.99. The year is predicted to end at $4.31.

Wallet Investor

January 2025 will begin with $3.82. The steady uptrend might bring the price to over $8.30 (even reaching $11.84 as the maximum closing price). By the end of the year, EOS might settle at 4.50, which is much lower than its mid-year performance but still higher than what it was in January.

From January 2026 to May 2026, EOS might gain momentum and grow from $4.54 to $9.02. At this point, it’s quite predictable that Wallet Investor envisions a downtrend that continues for the rest of the year. The year’s closing price might be $5.22.

The first few months of 2027 might bring EOS to an average price of ​​$5.85. That said, the forecast doesn’t go further than February.

Long Forecast

2025 will open at $2.13. There will be some ups and downs – the price will surpass $3.40 in April, fall back to $3.07, and go up to $3.51, only to enter a bearish trend once again. By December 2025, the price is expected to be at $2.45.

Month Open Low-High Close
Jan 2.13 2.13-2.64 2.47
Feb 2.47 2.47-3.07 2.87
Mar 2.87 2.86-3.28 3.07
Apr 3.07 3.07-3.65 3.41
May 3.41 3.09-3.55 3.32
Jun 3.32 3.32-3.82 3.57
Jul 3.57 2.79-3.57 3.00
Aug 3.00 2.69-3.09 2.89
Sep 2.89 2.53-2.91 2.72
Oct 2.72 2.30-2.72 2.47
Nov 2.47 2.47-3.07 2.87
Dec 2.87 2.28-2.87 2.45

Coin Price Forecast

Coin Price Forecast’s experts bring in the most optimistic forecast for the period of 2025-2030. The value in the middle and the end of 2025 are set at $4.86 and $5.41, respectively. If you compare it to where this source puts EOS by 2030 – $7.03 and $7.38 – you can see that the price surge is expected to be quite significant. This is more than 250% higher than EOS’ trading price in 2022.

EOS: A Viable Long-Term Investment?

Most experts that LiteFinance studied believe that EOS will increase in the long-run. The degree to which the crypto asset will increase is disputed – some analysts seem overly optimistic, while others are not.

Nevertheless, we can be justly assured that EOS will increase in value significantly by the end of 2025. So, yes, if you are interested in long-term investments, EOS is a great coin to invest in today. As we mentioned earlier, however, if you’re not in it for the long run, it would be a better idea to trade EOS. Again, all long-term forecasts are very approximate and can be influenced by news, political and economic regulations, and other factors.

EOS Today and in History: How Has the Price of EOS Changed Over Time?

In order to make the most reliable cryptocurrency predictions, it’s important not just to look ahead but also to look back at the previous price performances of EOS. Here’s how much the value of EOS changed from its launch on July 2, 2017 to March 4, 2022:

Source: CoinMarketCup

The first whitepaper of EOS was established in 2017. The open-source software was released on the 1st of June, 2018. It was the most highly anticipated blockchain project of all time. The ICO gathered $4 billion, which was a record-breaking amount at the time.

EOS experienced a significant fall in December 2018-January 2019. The price was $1.93, while the highest one before had reached more than $8. The drop in user activity in EOS could be linked to the EIDOS airdrop that significantly slowed down the network.

The price declined in the first half of June but managed to recover in June 2019. EOS reached $8.62. Since February 2019, and for some time, Liquid Apps had been building a second-layer solution for EOS that ran on the company’s DAPP token. Liquid Apps’ solution aimed to take some pressure off the EOS blockchain’s RAM system, which had been bogged down.

From July 2019 to January 2020, the performance of EOS wasn’t very lively and joyful. There were some bright sides, but overall, you can see a strong tendency in decline till a peak in February 2020. The price of EOS was $5.36 then. Though it didn’t repeat the previous success, it looked quite good and promising given the history of the six months before. The reason for such good news was the general tendency of growing in the cryptocurrency world due to the rise of Bitcoin. Moreover, in January 2020, the second version of the platform – EOSIO 2 – was launched.

EOS Performance in 2021-2022

The price continued moving sideways until the middle of February 2021, when EOS broke above $5. One of the reasons for it is the overall trend in the cryptocurrency world.

On the 11th of March, 2021, the PowerUp Model of EOS was shown to the world. It helped to raise the price of the cryptocurrency by 4.75% during the first three hours. It opened new possibilities for EOS holders, such as a chance to earn rewards from the unused tokens, an opportunity to withdraw tokens easily after the initial 4-day period, and the ability to maintain full control of the EOS tokens they own. Fees were lowered as well.

Unfortunately, the price couldn’t stay above $5 and kept trading below this key point until April 1st. This sudden fall can be explained by the “boom-and-bust” cycle. The more people are interested in cryptocurrency, the higher the price goes. When some doubts and disillusionment creep in, a sudden crush happens.

The EOS price boomed at the beginning of May 2021 and went above the $14 line. The reason was the news that its founding company secured 10 billion USD for the launch of a brand new subsidiary called Bullish Global. EOS skyrocketed on May 11th due to Bullish Global. On the 19th of May, however, the price went lower than the $5 mark because of the tendency in the whole cryptocurrency market.

The downtrend continued throughout June. By June 22, the EOS/USD pair reached $3.066, the lowest point since February 2021. And although most cryptocurrencies follow the BTC trend, EOS had its own path. In July, EOS opened with a price of $4.14. However, the overall trend was neutral and the price was moving sideways until July 20. One significant spike took place on July 9 when Bullish Global revealed its plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

A new uptrend started on July 21 from the $3.26 mark. By September 6, EOS had reached $6.30, almost doubling its value. The strong bullish trend was caused by the rise of BTC that affects the direction of the market as a whole. Still, the pair couldn’t stick to those levels. On September 7, EOS/USD plunged to $4.89. The fall was caused by several factors. First, BTC declined a lot that day. Second, a drop in EOS's market cap to 0.24% of the total cryptocurrency market cap could be an additional trigger. This decline was a vital event for the future price direction. A new downtrend has begun. EOS/USD fell below $4 again.

Although the bearish trend ended on September 29, the recovery is not robust. The EOS/USD pair has entrenched near $5. The recovery is mostly supported by the strength of Bitcoin. From the second half of October to the beginning of November, the leading cryptocurrency had been updating its all-time highs. EOS’s falls were also caused by the weakness of BTC.

EOS entered 2022 at $3.03, which was the start of a bearish trend. The downtrend continued well into March and has put the coin slightly above $2. During the first two months of 2022, there were two notable lower-than-usual dips – to $2.02 on January 24 and $1.90 on February 24.

As for the projection for EOS, the EOS blockchain is committed to promoting the adoption of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions and plays host to NFT protocols. Although EOS faces strong competition from Ethereum and Cardano, the company wants to attract development teams.

How high will EOS go after? We can only assume.

What is the Future of EOS? Is EOS a good investment? Will EOS go up?

Should I invest in EOS? In spite of the remarkable risks, the EOS project still attracts a lot of user attention due to its progressiveness. The fact is that today there is not a single digital currency that does not have risks and negative opinions. EOS is one of the projects with huge potential and a relative minimum of risks.

Summing up the analysis of the EOS cryptocurrency project, you may be surprised by how many dramatic ups and downs it has had during its history.

Even though EOS stayed relatively stable over the last few years, there was a time when it fell a full 93%, erasing most of the gains of early investors. As some experts think, EOS is about to set a new all-time high. Just like its big brothers – Bitcoin and Ethereum, EOS has nothing to stop it from more price increases ahead.

EOS may seem a solid investment. Although forecasts vary, analysts predict EOS to keep rising. The biggest point of contention in forecasts is whether EOS will increase consistently or hit a few hurdles along the way.

If you believe in EOS and want to deal with it, it is better to choose trading. Markets are cyclical, so don’t be blind when things turn bearish.

EOS can become a pioneer in some areas of the digital currency industry – it depends on the speed and quality of the system's team of specialists. On LiteFinance, you can register a (demo) account and be up to date about all the latest crypto news and forecasts. Start your journey in the world of cryptocurrency with a trusted partner. Trading just got easier. Buy, Sell, Manage, and Trade with LiteFinance.

Year Mid-Year Year-End
2022 $3.10 $3.43
2023 $3.53 $3.42
2024 $3.75 $4.31
2025 $4.86 $5.41
2026 $5.95 $6.49
2027 $6.88 $6.94
2028 $7.42 $7.82
2029 $7.46 $6.68
2030 $7.03 $7.38

Source: Coin Price Forecast

EOS Price Prediction FAQs

Price chart of EOSUSD in real time mode

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteFinance. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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